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Bring your design vision to life with my Interior E-Design service, an affordable option available when an on location visit is not possible.


My online interior design service gives you the professional touch no matter where you are located.


Visualize Your Space

The secret to great interior design is transforming ideas into reality; creatively fusing styles, textures, and character to create a seamless, one-of-a-kind space with its own personality. Through my E-Design service, I will help you see the design before it's your reality.

This personalized, affordable solution, is a convenient and easy option for clients who are not in a location or position for full service design. I will work with some of your existing furniture and layouts to curate a perfect flowing floor plan. You will receive a detailed concept board showcasing your project complete with shopping list. With the E-Design option, you can transform your space without ever leaving your couch! 



What makes E Design so great is the ability to visualize the design and make the necessary changes from the start. Our consultation phase of the E Design process involves getting to know your style and what you want in your design.



Using the notes from our consultation phase, I will plan out your design. Keeping in mind what I’ve learned and how I can execute a design plan that fits you perfectly.



After the consultation and planning phases, I will get to work creating a customized E-Design interior design plan. 


Let's Work Together

My process means I address the details in advance, streamlining my creative process with a step-by- step method that ensures your design tailored to your lifestyle.

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